5 Things To Do After Every Workout

Woman stretching on track
You’re constantly told what to do before and during a workout but what about after you’re done? Here are 5 practices you should tack on to the end of every workout. By following these workout recovery guidelines, you’ll make the most of your time spent in the gym:

1. Cool. A simple five-minute cool-down is sufficient in preventing the pooling of blood in your extremities, which can otherwise make you dizzy and increase your risk of fainting.

2. Stretch! Once your heart rate is slow and steady, stretching your muscles and joints while they’re still warm helps prevent tight muscles and stiff joints and improves your flexibility. Don’t try to just stretch real quick as soon as you workout. It’s important to wait those few minutes until your heart rate slows down to really get an efficient stretch.

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3. Refuel. It’s the key to improving strength and fitness. But burning off a lot of calories isn’t a valid excuse for eating a double cheeseburger. Instead, fuel up within 30 minutes after exercise by eating a carb-rich snack combined with some lean protein such as an orange plus one serving of low-fat yogurt or a banana with peanut butter.

4. Water. It may sound simple, but there are a number of people who drink water during their workout, but don’t when…