A Smarter Home Workout…

A home gym(BlackDoctor.org) — Home workout routines can be incredibly quick and effective, and you don’t even need much home workout equipment. Just follow one rule: Move as much as you can in the time you have. That means switching quickly between exercises and adding cardio bursts.

Following are three home workout routines that each require one tool! Do them on their own if you’re short on gear (or time), or combine them. Either way, you’ll sculpt from head to toe, shed fat, and be the envy of your gym-going friends!

The Plan
You’ll need
A stability ball, or 2 hand towels, or an 8- to 10-pound dumbbell (or a full 24-ounce water bottle). If you want to do all 3 workouts, you’ll need all the tools. Find gear at theshapestore.com.

How it works
Three times a week, do each move in order for 1 minute. Rest for a minute after the cardio burst, then repeat the series or start the next one. Do each group 3 times.


Workout #1: Stability Ball Front Squat

Body Parts: Butt, Legs
Equiptment: Balance Ball

A. Place a stability ball against a wall and lean your chest against it. Step back about 2 feet so you’re at an angle, and rise up onto the balls of your feet. Leaning against ball with your hands at your sides, lower into a squat, keeping heels up and back straight, until ball is at chin level.

B. Stand up, squeezing glutes tight and staying on your toes. Lower and repeat.

Workout #2: Stability Ball Military Press Push-Up

Body Parts: Arms, Chest, Core
Equiptment: Balance Ball

A. Get in tuck position on stability ball with shins on the ball, butt on your heels, and hands on the floor several inches in front of shoulders.

B. Bend elbows and lower head toward the floor between your hands. Press up and repeat. Keep your butt close to your heels.

Workout #3: Stability Ball Boundary Roll

Body Parts: Core
Equipment: Balance Ball

A.Position yourself facedown on ball, chest centered on it, and hug stability ball. Step feet wide for stability. Keeping feet on floor, roll several inches to the right.

B. Next roll to the left. Don’t roll so far that you can’t bring yourself back up.


Workout #1: Hamstring Curl with Towel

Body Parts: Butt, Legs
Equipment: Towel

A. Lie faceup on a smooth floor and place feet on a towel, knees bent 90 degrees. Rest arms on the floor out to the sides. Lift hips and toes.

B. Keeping hips off the floor the entire time and abs tight, straighten legs as far as you can, then bring them back in to the starting position; repeat.

Workout #2: Sliding Plank to Pike with Towel

Body Parts: Core
Equipment: Towel

A. Get in push-up position on floor, hands shoulder-width apart and feet on a towel; your body should be straight from head to heels.

B. Use your abs to draw your feet forward, lifting hips and keeping legs as straight as you can. Return to starting position and repeat. Keep shoulders over your hands.

Workout #3: Mountain Climbers with Towel

A. Get in push-up position on floor, hands shoulder-width apart and feet on towels; tighten your abs so your body is straight from head to heels. Keeping upper body still, draw one knee at a time toward your hands [shown], moving as quickly as possible.


Workout #1: Single Dumbbell One-Arm Lunge

Body Parts:
Butt, Legs, Shoulders
Equipment: Free weights

A. Hold a dumbbell in left hand and stand with feet staggered, right in front of left. Extend left arm overhead, palm facing right, and extend right arm out to side at shoulder height.

B. Keeping arms still, lower into a lunge; rise up and repeat. Switch arms and legs after 30 seconds.

Workout #2: Single Dumbbell Weighted Sit-Up

Body Parts: Abs, Shoulders
Equipment: Free weights

A. Hold a dumbbell in left hand and lie faceup with feet wide. Lift left arm straight up, palm facing forward, and extend right arm on the floor out to the side.

B. Keeping legs and right hand on the floor and left arm raised, sit up. Lower and repeat. Switch arms after 30 seconds.

Workout #3: Single Dumbbell Floor Chest Press

Body Parts: Chest, Triceps
Equipment: Free weights

A. Lie faceup and hold a dumbbell in left hand next to chest, palm facing right. Keep feet wide and right arm on floor out to the side.

B. Extend left arm up, turning palm to face forward. Lower and repeat. Switch arms after 30 seconds.

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