11 Things You Should Do By Yourself Before Settling Down

Woman Selling Fresh Eggs At Farmers Food Market

In a recent 2015 survey, over one-third of married, engaged and couples in a committed relationship wished they had done at least one thing by themselves before settling down.  Wow!  It seems as though they always had either their friend(s) with them or a potential mate.  Well, we’ve got a list for you to do if you’re newly single again or just getting out there. Take a look and see what you’ve done (or haven’t done).

1. Go to the movies – This one seems easy but there are a lot of people who don’t do it because it makes them feel…I don’t know…weird?  But what’s weird about sitting in a movie theater by yourself laughing as loud as you want at a funny part of a movie or jumping frightening when it comes to a scary part.  Bottom line, this gives you a chance to be yourself. Shoot, even try to order yourself popcorn too!