Hype Or Hope: Do Most Beauty Products Actually Work?

various types of beauty products(BlackDoctor.org) — You’ve surely been told that you can’t believe everything you hear…especially when it comes to lotions, serums, gels, etc. When shopping for beauty products, it’s important to realize that you can’t believe everything printed on a package.

Those alluring words are marketing, an effort to successfully sell things. And, in many cases, the claims are unsubstantiated.

But What About The FDA?

Before you even allow the thought of FDA oversight to enter your mind, tuck it away and realize that your best bet is to rely on common sense and the consumer information that is provided by reliable sources. The FDA does not test or verify the claims on beauty products. Furthermore, when products are ineffective or their marketing is just creative writing, the FDA does not have the authority to pull them from the shelves.

Don’t Gamble: Use Your Consumer Common Sense With These 6 Popular Products

Since beauty suppliers have the liberty to make grand claims while selling useless products, making a purchase can be like gambling. This is why it’s best to do a background check before you head to the beauty supply store.

Below are the findings of six items that you may have bought or consider buying:

Leave In Conditioner can offer you several benefits. It can prevent tangling, provide hydration and add softness. But, be sure to avoid products with petroleum, which coats your hair and blocks out nutrients. Hunt for products with natural oils because these actually penetrate the hair. Also, do not try to use leave-in conditioner as a substitute for moisturizer. If your hair is dry, use both.

Toners are not only beneficial, according to Angelo Thrower, MD, of Heritage Skincare, they are key products for African Americans. The marketing spin is generally that toners remove the oil, dirt and makeup left behind after cleansing, which has led many skincare specialists to conclude that a better cleanser and better cleansing habits is all that is needed.

However, in the case of African-Americas, toners are recommended to restore the pH balance of our skin, which is thrown off by the chemicals in skincare products and water. Since black skin can be oily,  the extra cleansing is also a benefit. When purchasing a toner, select a quality product that is alcohol-free.

Cellulite Creams and Lotions respond to a concern held by many women. If you take a stroll down the beauty aisle in search of these products, you are getting one of the best cures for the problem– exercise.

The ingredients and alleged methods of these products widely vary and the evidence that they work is notably unavailable. Some results of minimal significance have been reported from use of these products. These reports tend to be connected to those items that affect skin structure, which may slightly reduce visibility, but does not eliminate cellulite.

Anti-Aging Cream is one of the products that is all about providing hope. Not only do these products tend to suggest hope in their prices, they are marketed in a way that stimulate consumer emotions. Unfortunately, the costs must be for the creative marketing, because it is not generally for the benefits.

Charles E, Crutchfield MD, of Crutchfield Dermatology, classifies most of these products as scams and says “at the best [they] give very poor, if any, results. This may be a bit irritated if you have already spent your money, but the good news is that  Dr. Crutchfield says that the most important step with Black skin is to address concerns with a dermatologist, who is in a much  better position to advise products that will work for your unique needs.

Thickening Shampoo is supposed to allow you to wash your way to a fuller mane, a real attractive offer for those with thin or limp hair.  But, these problems have different causes, including genetics, age and damage. Before selecting a shampoo cure, it is important to understand the root of your problem by talking with a doctor, because some issues cannot be corrected with some suds alone.

Do not set your expectations too high for thickening shampoo. In some cases, these products may produce limited, temporary results. These are most likely when an entire thickening system is used. However, these products are far from a haircare priority and do not warrant spending extra.

Sunscreen is indeed necessary. You are unique, black and beautiful. This does not mean that you are immune to UV damage and skin cancer. People of color suffer from skin cancer at lower rates but it does affect us, so please use protection.