Azealia Banks Says She’s Been ‘Let Down’ By The Fashion Industry (VIDEO)

The name Azealia Banks may be recognizable to most but even she’s not sure if it’s for the right reason. As the newest muse for designer Alexander Wang, hip-hop’s newest bad girl rapper was quickly adopted into fashion royalty. The fashion darling was seen all about fashion weeks form New York, London, and Milan and even landed a spot in an ASOS campaign. But who’s listening to her music?

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In a recent interview with HYPETRAK, Azealia confessed:

“I think that too much fashion attention as an artist can actually smother you. And it can actually really, really distract from your music. And I kind of almost got there with it, you know what I mean? Where it was like, fashion fashion fashion fashion fashion. And I was like this fashion darling. I was putting out records… and the only record anyone would listen to was “212″. That was the only Azealia Banks record that anyone knew…”

You can very easily get sucked up by the fashion world, because they bring artists in to make themselves look a certain way, and then as soon as someone new comes up, they’ve completely forgotten about you. They’re so fickle. If you place your faith in the fashion world, you will get let down.”