First Shots Inside Barclay’s: Most Amazing Stadium Ever? [PHOTOS]

As a Brooklyn girl, Atlantic Avenue  has been part of my entire life. Most of us watched the arena go up over several long  months. Today was the first unveiling and it is stellar! The press was given a sneak peek today at this new feather in New York’s cap.When you see parts of your neighborhood change, protests and closures of familiar haunts you do feel slighted. The stadium was literally a hot topic for many who lived in the borough. I have to say it has been well worth the wait.

Travel to the stadium is real simple. Most Brooklynites were annoyed by the change in the Atlantic Avenue signs.The trains started announcing “Barclay’s station next stop.” in early Spring.Most of us just sucked our teeth and rolled our eyes at this announcement. We couldn’t imagine why anyone would care to rename our major hub. When the signs showed up to most of our annoyances.

If you know anything about Brooklyn natives, we despise renaming. Albee Square is still Albee Square and it’s been closed for over 20 years. Transportation getting to it is real simple. The entrance is literally right there when you come up. With two escalators, an elevator and five stair cases to go with an ample number of turnstiles, post-game subway riders will find it easy to get from the arena on their trains of 2.3,4,5, D, N,Q,R and LIRR.