North West in the Right Direction

Poor North West. Turning one years old on June, 15th, her diet is controlled by her parents. Some may say Kanye’s and Kim’s enforced diet on their daughter is extreme. Others may see it as an itellegint decision. North West is not allowed to eat added sugar. Added sugar is sugar and syrup that is added to foods or beverages when they are processed or prepared. Upon beginnig to notice life around her, North West will be plagued with watching other kids stuff their faces with candy while the most sugar she can intake is from foods like fruits – natural sugar. Poor North West. But is this really such a bad thing? What if the suffering of watching others ingest sweets in her adolescence, becomes an appreciation for her parents. We all know that an excess of sugar in the body is dangerous, but many may not understand just how harmful it is. I´m not expecting you to completely take sugar out of your diet, but after reading this article, I hope that you will lower your intake.