A Chocolate Bar That’s GOOD For Your Skin

Este Chocolate BarFor all you chocoholics out there, if you already think it is a miracle that dark chocolate has been deemed a great source of antioxidants, wait until you hear this great news!

A new chocolate brand, Esthechoc, has managed to create the newest chocolate phenomenon. They offer a chocolate bar that has an enhanced amount of antioxidants, that claims to give you a noticeable difference in your skin, with daily servings of course!

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This chocolate bar, Cambridge Beauty Chocolate, is said to produce noticeable results with just three weeks of daily eating. It will “protect your skin from aging and contribute to its radiant look,” according to the site.

Here’s how it works:

Dark chocolate’s Cocoa Polyphenols Crystals incorporated in proprietary Astacelles deliver a unique Antioxidant combination of actives against free radicals. Astacelles provide the superadditive effect of two natural active ingredients – Astaxanthin natural extract derived from algae and Cocoa Epicatechin (Polyphenols) – sealed and protected by this unique Astacelle technology.

Our product enhances skin microcirculation and supports skin nutrition, oxygen saturation and detoxication. It also helps to fight age related loss of essential skin appearance, such as firmness, radiance and softness. esthechoc works at the very source of youthful and radiant look of your skin.

A few other great things to know:

  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Each bar of esthechoc contains minimum 72.6% of the highest quality natural, dark chocolate
  • Not recommended for pregnant women or children
  • One bar is only 38 kcal

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Priced at $54 for a box of 21, you can think of this candy purchase as more of an investment versus a divulgence.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat their wrinkles away?

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