Abdominal Exercises

woman with flat abs(BlackDoctor.org)–There are MANY
abdominal exercises… crunches, leg raises, situps, hip thrusts, side bends,
weighted situps, crunches with your legs bent, not bent, straight up in the air,
100’s of different ab machines, 1000’s of ab exercises and workouts on video
tapes, 100’s of abdominal exercises and machines shown in infomercials, etc. The
list goes on and on. BUT, let me ask you a question. Why did you come here to
find out information about abdominal exercises? Is it because you want to have a
perfect 6 pack? Because you want to get rid of that fat that is on your stomach
so you can have washboard abs? Well, are you ready for the truth? Here it is…

The truth is, every one of those
abdominal exercises that I just mentioned, plus every ab exercise that I didn’t
mention, will NOT help you have a perfect 6 pack. EVERY one of these abdominal
exercises will only help to strengthen and build your ab muscles. BUT, that
won’t do a thing for you if you have a layer of fat covering them! You see, no
abdominal exercises burn fat. None of the ones you see in infomercials, none of
the machines you see in your gym, no special ab workouts, and even good old
crunches and situps, none of these abdominal exercises will burn the fat on your
stomach. All they will do is help make your ab muscles stronger, and help build
them. You can make your abs as strong as you want, and build them as nice as you
want for as long as you want, but as long as you still have fat, even the
slightest amount of fat on your stomach, your abs will not be visible.

You see, nothing, I repeat,
NOTHING will burn the fat off of your stomach to let your abs become visible
except for a perfect diet and enough cardio/aerobic work. Most people (maybe
even you) think that the key to getting perfect abs are abdominal exercises and
ab workouts and ab machines. That is 100% nonsense! The key to getting perfect
abs is having a low bodyfat. That is it right there, if you have a low bodyfat,
then you have visible abs. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “well, my bodyfat
isn’t that high and I do all types of the best abdominal exercises everyday, and
I still can’t see my abs.” Well, all that means is your bodyfat might be low,
but it is not low enough!

You see, you can do every one of
the abdominal exercises ever invented, and you can do them with the best form,
with the best machines, with the best routines for years and years, but if your
diet and cardio/aerobic workout isn’t getting rid of the fat, you will NEVER be
able to see your abs! I know what your thinking right now, “I saw an infomercial
or an ad with these guys and girls with perfect abs doing these ab exercises
with these special machines, they all had great bodies, so their product must
work right? It must be able to burn the fat on my stomach and give me perfect
abs right?” WRONG! If you are thinking that, then you now know how these people
make money. They don’t want you to know all of the stuff that I just told you,
because once you know the truth, you will never buy their useless products, and
they won’t make money!