Dark Spots Around Your Cheeks & Neck: How Harmful Are They?


Throughout our lives, our bodies share signs that tell us what we are doing wrong, right or need to change. Our skin is no different. Many overweight African Americans have dark spots on their skin on their face, specifically around their cheeks and on the neck. Are these bad for your health?

What Is It?

The dark spots you see are called Acanthosis nigricans and has been linked to obesity, insulin resistance, endocrine disorders, familial inheritance, genetic variations, internal malignancies, and a plethora of drugs. This hyperpigmentation typically occurs in commonly visible areas of the skin, such as the cheeks and neck. It may also occur on the scalp and palms. Rarely it is a sign of cancer.

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How Do People Get It?

The most frequent trigger for acanthosis nigricans is too much insulin in your bloodstream. Here’s why.

When you eat, your body converts carbohydrates into sugar molecules such as glucose. Some of this glucose is used for energy while the rest is stored. In order to use the glucose for energy, insulin must…