Acne Invitations: Are You Causing The Problem?

A man looking at a patch of his skin using a handheld mirror( — Acne is like an unwanted guest who shows up at your party. You try to avoid making eye contact and act as if your mind is on other things, but it rarely helps the situation.

Imagine how disappointed you would be to find out that you actually sent out the invitation. In the case of acne, this may be exactly what you are doing.

Here are some aspects of your lifestyle that may be begging skin problems to show up:


We all know that acne causes stress, but for a long time suggestions that stress caused acne were dismissed as myths. Increasing amounts of research is converting the nay-sayers, as it is shown that stress plays a role in your skin’s condition in at least two ways.

Stress causes a surge in certain hormones, which in turn stimulates oil production. The natural bacteria in your skin feeds on this oil and its population increases, resulting in a breakout or aggravating one that you are already experiencing. Also, a troubled state of mind takes a toll on the immune system. It is believed that healing capacity may be reduced by as much as 40 percent, meaning that the body has less ability to fight against or to overcome acne if you are stressed.


If you eat a piece of candy or have a glass of milk, your face may not explode with pimples. But, a diet that heavily consists of refined sugar, processed food, and dairy can wreck havoc on your skin. Researchers have compared societies where acne is rare to those such as ours where acne is rampant. One notable difference is the way that we eat.

• Sugars and processed foods raise insulin levels. Insulin, like stress, triggers hormone production… and we have already discussed what happens after that.

• Cow milk’s is another cause of acne encouraging hormone increases. This not because dairy causes the body to produce them, but because the hormones are in the milk. Dairy also causes sharp insulin spikes.

General Health

Sure you may feel fine but your acne may be an indication that you are experiencing a state of inner turmoil. The proper functioning of the digestive system is essential to healthy skin. One of the major functions of the liver is to help detoxify the body by processing foreign substances so that they can be eliminated. The bowels are then the route through which the waste passes.

If your liver is not properly functioning or is constantly overburdened or the passage of waste does not occur fast enough, it can result in breakouts. You must remember that the skin is a living organ and one of its primary functions is also to eliminate foreign substances from the body.

Hair Care

Although many aspects of acne are the same despite race, pomade acne is a condition that disproportionately affects African-Americans. It is named after the thick, greasy ingredient in some black hair care products. When these products come into contact with the skin, they can block the pores and trap the oil, which often results in breakouts on the face, neck, and around the hairline.

Effective Lifestyle Changes That Help Fight Acne

If you are currently suffering from acne or you have acne-prone skin, there are several lifestyle changes you should consider:

• Try to avoid allowing stressful situations to drag on. If you can’t completely solve the problems immediately, engage in coping techniques such as yoga, counseling, or outings with friends.

• Make sure you have adequate soluble fiber in your diet. Limit your dairy and carbohydrate consumption and load up on colored fruits and vegetables that will provide you with beneficial nutrients.

• It is suggested that you detox periodically. You may need to consult with a doctor to find the method best for you. Also consider milk thistle, a cleansing supplement that is recommended for a healthy liver.

• Try to avoid the use of thick, greasy hair products. If you cannot find substitutes, try to limit their use to areas that are one inch from your hairline.