Our Weight Loss Story: “One Day It Just Clicked…”

… place to do crossfit.

In December 2012, they took the diet up another notch, going to a raw vegan diet and have been on it ever since.

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They have been undaunted even as their families and friends cracked jokes, some even giving Andrew the nickname of “Nature Boy.” But as Renee and Andrew endured, they started noticing that fresh vegetables and other healthy habits started creeping into family gatherings.

None of their families have joined them as vegans, but they are eating healthier.

Ashley hopes to launch a business, Raw and Radiant, to teach people about adopting a raw vegan diet.

And while African-Americans have higher rates of obesity, heart disease and diabetes, the couple hope their message is universal.

“It’s not a focus on any particular group. I just want to inspire all individuals to take care of their bodies,” says Ashley. “I’m trying to reach everyone.”


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