Are These Common Clothing Items Hurting Your Health?

Most of us want to follow the fashion trends that are currently in style. Tight jeans, cute bras, and high heels, but what many of us may not expect to find out is that these common items could be causing health issues for our bodies. Finding the proper fit in any piece of clothing that you wear not only looks better, but also does a lot for maintaining a healthy lifestyle than you may think.

Tight Pants
Everyone loves a good pair of skinny jeans that show off our curves. Although when a pair is too tight, you can begin to cause damage to your lower extremities. Common symptoms include sore muscles, numbness, and rashes. This is because over time your nerves become compressed and your blood flow is greatly reduced.

Prolonged wear will begin to show through damage to your muscles. One of the worst offenders are leggings who become a breeding ground for bacteria and skin rashes as they are tight and often encourage the build-up of sweat.

If your pant of choice for everyday wear is skinny jeans or leggings, opt for