Are You Allergic To Your…Clothes?!

A white shirt hanging on a clothes-lineAs the weather changes, it’s likely your wardrobe will follow suit. For a number of reasons, as it gets colder, our skin also tends to change. A symptom such as chapped skin may easily be overlooked as a seasonal affair, but in reality, it could be your seasonal gear.

Many people aren’t aware that clothing allergies exist. It’s not a problem that only arises with winter apparel, but its one that may be more noticeable then because people tend to have more contact with fabrics for longer periods.

During the summer, for example, your arms may be bare most of the season, and if you do cover them, it’s likely only for the short period that you spend in a cold place, such as movie theater. But, in the winter, you will likely cling to your sleeves all day, most every day.