Don't You Even Dare Do This At The Gym

View of a woman from the back doing sit-ups on an incline bench at the gymThink you have perfect gym manners? Maybe you do, and maybe you don’t, but it wouldn’t hurt to check out the top things that annoy gym goers the most…and make sure you’re not THAT girl/guy.

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Whatever you do, do NOT:

1…forget to wipe down any equipment you use.

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You just LOVE to grab hold of a machine, just to discover it’s soaking with someone elses’s sweat, right? Exactly…neither does anyone else. So make sure you either wipe the equipment you use down with an extra towel, or make use of wipes that many gyms provide. Also, for sanitary reasons, don’t forget to wipe any machine you use BEFORE you start working out, too.

2…gab, gab, gab away on your cell phone.

Maybe you think your conversation is interestingm, but guess what? Not everybody else at the gym does. So…if you just have to talk on your phone, leave the workout space then talk away. It’s polite to others, and gives you more privacy.

3…drop those weights after a set.

Few things disrupts a workout quite like a great, big, loud “CRASH!!!!” on the gym floor. Be considerate of others around you and set those weights down gently. Plus, you’re doing yourself a favor, too – dropping weights too suddenly can cause injuries.

4…ignore another person’s private space.

Even if the gym is crowded, it’s not very nice to crash into someone else’s space to get done whatever it is you’re trying to get done. It’s selfish and inconsiderate and rude…plus, you wouldn’t want someone to do that to you, would you? So, if you dont have enought space to do your thing, either wait until a space becomes available, or try to do something else.

5…act like you own a machine.

Remember what your parents taught you about sharing? If someone wants to work in with you, let him/her. Don’t be offended or annoyed – like you, they’re just trying to get their workout on.

6…fail to put stuff back where you found it.

Searching sucks. Which is why you should put any equipment you use back where you found it. You want an efficient workout and to find what you need when you need it…and so does everyone else.

7…have a bad attitude.

Secret? The gym makes many people nervous. It’s a place where many people feel more self-conscious about their flaws. So…check the ridicule, mean remarks and other rude behaviors at the door. Behave, be nice, and treat others well, just the way you would want them to treat you.