Barbershop Talk: What Type of Wave Grease (Pomade) Should I Use?

Hairstyles just like fashion change by the season. A few years ago it seemed like everybody was rocking the classily nappy look while twisting their hair into the kinkiest of concoctions. This year it seems the men decided to bring back waves.

Waves are a hairstyle where your curls create a ripple-pattern when brushed and flattened. This effect is made possible by lots of brushing, wave grease, and a wave cap. Wave grease or wave pomade to some is the magic that keeps your hair moisturized, full of sheen and holds it in place. However, there are some greases that you should stay away from.

The History of Pomade
Pomade is a hairstyling product that generally has a greasy or waxy texture to it. When pomade came into prominence in the early to mid 20th century it was made with just a few ingredients: beeswax, petroleum, lanolin, and fragrance. This product was especially popular for men with slick back, side part and pompadour hairstyles.

Ask your grandparents about the term “greasers”. Greasers referred to the people who