BDO Featured Fitness Move: Squats

wall squatA simple way to kick off even a quickie workout, squats are powerful little moves. Over time, increase reps and dumbbell weight to amp them up.

Body Parts: Glutes, Thighs & Hips
Equipment: None (unless you opt to do variations, such as with weights or a stability ball)
Reps: 15-20

How To Do It

1. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart.

2. Squat down as if you were going to sit in a chair, keeping your weight over your heels – make sure your knees never go past your toes.

3. Squeeze your glutes as you return to the start position.

Do 15-20 reps.

For a bigger challenge, try jumping explosively, and landing in the squat position. Or, try squatting with a stability ball between you and a wall.