Are Beards A Health Risk?

man with beardLet’s face it: beards are sexy, but they may come with more than a few drooling women! Did you know that those prickly hairs growing from your face can carry around as much dirty filth as a toilet seat? Well, it’s true! The hair that grows from your face is a lot thicker, coarser and often curlier leading it to hold onto some pretty icky stuff.

According to an Alburquerque KOAT-TV News enlisted microbiologist, “in addition to the typical bacteria you mind find on the face, there is often fecal matter.” How’d you like a side of that with your passionate french kiss?

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Carol Walker, a consultant trichologist from the Birmingham Trichology Centre said “having facial hair can lead to more frequent skin infections and to germs being passed on to others.” So that itch you feel, it may be your skin telling you how unhappy it is underneath all of that beautiful thick beard! It doesn’t help that most men have a tendency to over handle their beard, often adding to the germ infestation, and possibly spreading it to their mouths and other parts of their face!

So how can you maintain your sexy facial hair without it turning into an everyday petri dish? It’s all about hygiene. Cleansing and grooming your beard thoroughly is key.

1. Cleanse

Using the same shampoo and conditioner you use on your head, make sure you thoroughly wash your facial hair. It is important to alway condition the hair afterwards as it has a tendency to be thicker and drier. You may even consider buying a special conditioning cream or balm to apply to your beard.