Beauty Tips You Haven’t Heard About…Yet!

happy African American woman outside( — Let consumer magazines tell it and summer beauty consists of the hottest bikinis matched with the newest nail colors on freshly manicured hands and pedicured feet.

Oh, and let’s not dare forget that we’ll absolutely need to update our makeup, hairstyles, wardrobe, and accessories. Basically, summer beauty is flashy new superficial layers to cover what in many cases are ill-cared for individuals.

Can you visualize the beauty? If not, here’s some better advice for summer.

Skin Deep

A spray-on tan does not make you a person of color, so make-up and body bronzer will not make you a summer beauty. To be truly stunning, you must begin with the raw, natural resources that you are given… your skin.

In colder weather, people tend to be less active and indoors more, which makes many of us more prone to perform tasks such as cleansing our skin twice a day. But, even if you’re more active when it gets warm, it is essential that you maintain good skincare habits.

For example, not only should you commit to always moisturizing your skin, but in the summer, you will likely need to increase the frequency, applying moisturizers throughout the day. It is often best to switch to lighter products, especially on the face. Doing so will help to reduce the likelihood of the pores getting blocked and it will help you to avoid using a product’s heaviness as an excuse to skip moisturizing.

Serum is one product that you should strongly consider investing in this summer, especially if you have problems such as acne and discoloration. Serums promote healthy skin and healing. The fact that they tend to penetrate better than other skincare products will allow you to capitalize on these benefits.

Another product worthy of investment this summer is a toner spray with antioxidants. Applying antioxidants to the skin helps to combat the adverse effects of cell damaging free radicals. Your skin may feel greasier in the summer and toner will also help to eliminate this problem. The product will dissolve the oils and help you maintain the proper pH balance, which can reduce the likelihood of breakouts and further promote a healthy appearance.

Lovely Locks

Summer hair is about much more than a new style. Black hair tends to be drier than that of other ethnicities even in ideal conditions. When you are subjected to summer heat and days spent with the sun beaming down upon you, your hair faces a severe risk of becoming parched. Hair in this condition will often be dull, hard to manage, and prone to breakage. That is probably not the look you are going for this season.

Whether your hair is natural, colored, or relaxed, if you aren’t currently using leave-in moisturizer, you need to enroll it in your program… immediately. The extra moisture is needed and the hair also needs additional nourishment. For healthy, shiny, and cooperative locks, try hot oil treatments using virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Between washes, apply these oils or others that black hair tend to thrive with such as jojoba and avocado.

Meaningful Accessories

Bangles and handbags are great fashion add-ons, but smart summer beauties concentrate foremost on having meaningful accessories. When you think of what you need to complete your wardrobe, consider items such as sunglasses, hats, and scarves…for the sake of your skin and hair. Most of us know by now that we should be applying sunscreen, but for maximum protection of your natural assets you need to put forth extra effort by covering up.

Food Focus

Although some nourishment can be applied topically, doing that should supplement the nutrients that are supplied internally. Perhaps you have not noticed but eating habits can drastically change in the summertime. Heat may cause your appetite to shrink or your focus on balanced meals may be thrown off by an increase in travel and outdoor activities such cookouts, fish frys and festivals.

It is important to remember, that we consume (or not) most of beauty’s building blocks. Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients provide us with tools for maintenance and healing. Without the proper nutritional intake, we can cloak ourselves with the finest of the summer trends, but beneath them the beauty will be lacking.