Believe In The Beauty Of Bali

Beautiful, Amazing, Lovely, Irresistible–that describes and spells out BALI! I left my heart in Bali so I went twice. Bali is a solo-travelers dream destination. The Balinese (Indonesian) people will take you in and you will feel like a relative visiting before your stay is done, I wholeheartedly mean this. As I reminisce on my time there, I honestly plan in my thoughts when I can get back.

My first visit to Bali I stayed in Ubud. Ubud is two hours out so if you plan to stay there be prepared for a long journey. Once again (in Dionne’s cell phone life), I arrived with no reception and was nervously teetering with my phone part of the ride but alas it finally kicked in. Indonesia does tap into our WIFI but because of the roads you initially travel you may or may not have reception right away. I was greeted by my driver Dewa and he was my driver the entire time I was in Ubud.