Benefits Of Pink Himalayan Salt

pink himalayan sea saltThose pretty pink rock-filled spice jars at your local market are more than just something for you to admire…it’s salt! If those pink rocks look far from familiar, you probably didn’t even realize they ARE edible. To add even more to the surprise, the salt isn’t just pretty; it’s healthier for you and some say it tastes better. This product is called Himalayan pink salt. It’s super healthy and the trend is slowly catching on. Take a minute and think over these several health benefits that pink salt provides and maybe it will win you over.

It is pure and unprocessed. 

White salt is processed several times for the look and the taste. Himalayan pink salt is pink because it is natural, un-tampered with, and certainly not bleached or dyed with color. It is essentially pure and as clean as foods come.

Sodium intake is reduced by switching to pink salt.

Pink salt crystals are larger than the more compact white table salt, and therefore you will naturally consume less with each spoonful comparatively. So for obvious reasons, you will consume less sodium this way.

The taste is more savory.

Himalayan pink salt does not contain iodine, like the more common white table salt. Iodine is said to have a more chemical like taste, which in large amounts can be unappetizing.