Breaking The Taboo Of Selfishness: A Case For Self Care

woman coffee sad

Last weekend I went to see a film, Straight Outta Compton. I entered the movie theater feeling desperate for a moment to spend with myself. I entered the movie theater shamed with feelings of guilt for ditching a work engagement I all but promised to attend. I entered the movie theater with the general nervousness that is all too familiar as I mapped out my time to the millisecond before having to pick up my two children from daycare. I entered the theater distracted by thoughts that  I should be saving money, doing work, cleaning my home, paying a bill – and a litany of other “shoulds”.

I left the theater feeling inspired, with renewed energy and gratitude for the living legacies found in hip hop greatness. I was proud of the camaraderie that was birthed straight outta compton. While I’d be honored to share all of the many reasons why I am truly blown away by the symbolism of the film, my purpose here is to illuminate the need and ultimate utilization of self care.