While Losing Weight, Don't Forget To…

A woman wearing a hospital gown smiling while weighing herself.

When you’re on the road to weight loss, you tend to suffer from tunnel vision. You tend to be focused almost exclusively on how you’ll feel when you’ve lost the weight, when you can go back to eating “like normal,” and just how much more spectacular your life will be. But…

People who’ve reached their weight loss goals say that, while yes, they do feel pretty great, they realize that there were many surprisingly enjoyable things about the weight loss journey, such as:

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1. Enjoying feeling healthier as much as celebrating fitting into smaller clothes.

2. Seeing dramatic results (as in changes on the scale/tape measure).

3. Discovering new things in life, such as going shopping, trying out new hobbies, new foods and meeting new people.

4. Splurging (occasionally) while losing – you have to eat much less once you’ve reached your goal.

5. Truly embracing (and now missing) the support and encouragement.

The journey doesn’t have to end…

Just because you’ve lost the weight you wanted doesn’t mean your life has to become boring…or that you have to live in fear of regaining the weight. Try a new gym class. Focus on toning your muscles. Create new goals for yourself (in any area of your life). Enjoy an occasional shopping trip to celebrate your new size. Don’t forget to support and encourage others who are trying to lose weight.