Reversing The Black Nursing Crisis: Inside The Campaign For Nursing’s Future With Dr. Beverly Malone

Dr Beverly Malone

With more African Americans living with illness or being at higher risk for illness, the need for quality care and professionals to provide that care are at a critical high. Experts estimate that by the year 2025 there will be a shortage of over half a million nurses to care for the nation’s aging population. For Dr. Beverly Malone, CEO for the National League of Nursing, making a new generation aware about the many career opportunities available in nursing is key to reversing this statistic and more important, helping people to age in communities and not hospitals.

“I have partnered with our colleagues at Johnson & Johnson with the Campaign for Nursing’s Future to actually knock on their door. Enter their homes in terms of ads that will be right there on their TVs, on their screens, saying to them ‘Have you thought about nursing? Can you see all the wonderful things that can happen when you think about nursing?’ And to make sure there is not just diversity, but inclusion. Nursing provides that,” explained Dr. Malone in a recent interview with