Big Boi Talks Alcohol Poisoning, Loving His Wife And Why He & Andre’ 3000 Will Always Be ‘Brothers For Life’

big boi outkastBig Boi is best known as one-half of the hugely popular duo Outkast. André 3000 is the creative, musically gifted experimentalist, while Big Boi provided street cred and intelligent southern hip-hop flow. The duo worked for years, earning them accolades, 10’s of millions records sold all around the world (the album “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” sold 10 million by itself) and even a Grammy for album of the year. But Big Boi has plenty more on his plate these days. He’s producing other artists and still recording songs with major stars, shot a pilot for HBO, is recording his third solo record, talks about an OutKast biopic in the works and hints that he may hook up with Andre 3000 for another Outkast reunion.