Biggest Myths About CBD–Exposed!

CBD is the latest craze in many respects but unlike many so-called “miracle cures” there is actually scientific evidence backing up some of the health benefits associated with CBD.

However, it is important to consider that many of these perceived benefits do require more research and study. CBD has reached unbelievable levels of popularity in the last few years with people from all walks of life using it for a variety of reasons.

Some people take CBD to help them relax while others take it for its perceived medical/ health benefits. The wide range of CBD products is legal and available in large parts of the world. But there are a lot of commonly believed myths and misconceptions about it.

In this piece, we’ll be examining all the biggest myths surrounding CBD. By knowing what is true and what is just myth you’ll be much more educated about CBD and know the risks of using it. So, if you are thinking of giving CBD a try or simply want to know more about it read on!

CBD Has No Side Effects 

Many of the commonly believed side effects of CBD usually frame it in quite a negative light. However, there are also some more positive myths many people believe as well the main one being that CBD has no side effects. This is one that many suppliers of CBD are only too happy to repeat but it isn’t exactly true.

Now we do know that CBD doesn’t seem to have many serious side effects however this isn’t the same as having no side effects at all. More research is really needed before we can know the full risks of potential side effects, but we do know a few.

For one thing, CBD is believed to cause drowsiness, a dry mouth, and low blood pressure in some people. Although perhaps the biggest issue is that it could potentially interact with many pharmaceutical drugs through its mechanism of inhibiting certain enzymes that play an important role in the metabolization of these pharmaceutical drugs. Pregnant women and Mothers’ who want to breastfeed are also not recommended to use CBD products because CBD’s effects on an infant’s brain are currently unknown.

CBD Makes You High

Perhaps the most commonly believed myth about CBD is that it is basically the same as marijuana. This as I’ am sure you can already tell is not true and CBD will not give you a high. The main psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant is THC.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main psychoactive compound which is what gives people a high when they take cannabis. CBD contains only very low levels of THC because it is most commonly derived from the hemp plant. Hemp plants contain only very low amounts of THC.

This means there is no risk of a high from taking CBD products. The only risk to be aware of is that you need to ensure you are buying safe, high-quality CBD products. As some poor quality products may have higher levels of THC. So, as long as you buy from a safe supplier/ manufacturer you are at no risk of getting high off CBD.

CBD Doesn’t Work 

This is a somewhat difficult myth to challenge because…