Embarrassing Bikini Waxing Questions Answered

bikini on beach

So the weather is finally warming up, and that means MY favorite time of the year is creeping around the corner –  SWIMSUIT SEASON! This also means that fuzzy bikini line has got to go! Since I know that “how to tame the hair down there” may not be a normal conversation to have with your friends, here are some quick tips from a hair waxing guru, Noemi Grupenmanger, CEO and founder of Uni K Wax Centers.

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1. Why do I keep getting ingrown hairs? 

You may have tried everything from exfoliation to salicylic acid treatments, yet your lady parts are still looking and feeling like volcano central.

If you wax regularly, you’ll lower your chance of getting an ingrown hair. Your clothing can also increase ingrown hairs, as tight clothing —jeans, leggings, etc.—can also cause these unsightly bumps because it compresses your hair against your body, allowing the hair to curl back into the follicle. Try to avoid shaving as much as possible. If you can’t put the razor down, exfoliate the area before you shave, and make sure you aren’t using a dull blade.

2. How often should I wax?

Yes, the summer months often create more situations to show off your skin, but apparently there is somewhat of a science to keeping your lady mane tamed.

Your wax should last you anywhere from three to six weeks. But to prepare for the summer, start early to get your hair on a waxing cycle, and continue it year-round. With regular waxing, the length of time between treatments will increase, since the more you wax, the weaker the hair follicle becomes, making it easier to remove hair. If you stop waxing in the winter, you reverse all the work waxing has done for your hair previously. If you’re new to waxing down there and want to make it last, look for a salon that offers a special “touch-up” service, which will be really helpful when transitioning your hair-growth pattern from shaving to waxing.


3. Should I do pre-wax treatments?

Waxing your woman parts can be not only scary, but painful. Anything that you can do to make the process go smoother (literally) would help right?

Keep the skin hydrated and healthy. If your skin is too dry, your hair is more prone to breakage at the root when removed. One way is of course to drink lots and lots of water to hydrate from the inside out, as well as using a great moisturizer on the area to be waxed for at least several days prior to your wax service.

4. Is it supposed to hurt? Is pain-free waxing possible? 

The pain is probably what makes you the most hesitant right?

Make sure you go to the right salon. Try finding one that uses an all-natural, elastic wax that’s applied at body temperature, as it is gentler on the skin when the hair is removed. Other tips include: Don’t drink alcohol beforehand. It may seem like a good idea, but you will tighten the pores, which will make the hair more difficult to remove. Lastly, stick to your waxing schedule. Once your hair growth is in a pattern, it will be easier to remove, but if you’re not maintaining your waxes, it could be more uncomfortable.


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