Birth Control On-Demand (No Doctor Visit Required)

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Over the past decade, women have spent thousands of hours getting to and from doctor’s offices (not to mention waiting to be seen) only to spend a few minutes with physicians to get a renewal for prescription birth control.

This process is tedious and sometimes nerve-racking if your doctor is busy, booked our out of office or you unexpectedly run out.

Plus, with a version of Trumpcare approaching, or some portions of Obamacare possibly being taken away by an executive order, could make it even harder for women to get contraception. Trump’s recent “Religious Freedom” order, which allows businesses to deny birth control coverage based on religious reasons, many women could lose access to their publicly funded birth control pills and even more publicly funded clinics could go under, leaving a large and vulnerable population wide open to other, possibly dangerous methods of preventing birth.

But now there’s an online app that lets you get a three-month supply of birth control in a few minutes — no doctor’s visit required. While many are still skeptical, this app, called Nurx, is available and within the law in 16 states so far.

According to Nurx’s website, birth control shipments take about 3-5 business days to arrive after you complete your prescription request. To speed up the process, make sure your request contains all the info our doctor will need:
– Clear photo of your ID (passport, driver’s license, school ID, etc)
– Complete health questionnaire
– Up-to-date delivery address
– Valid credit or debit card for any copays or out-of-pocket costs
If using insurance, a clear photo of the front and back of your Rx insurance card
– Coverage must be active
– The card should have the ID, Rx BIN, Rx PCN, and Rx Group #s
– The name and date of birth associated with your insurance plan matches your photo ID

Also, if you need to get a doctor’s expert recommendation, you can do that on the app as well. It’s as easy as:

– Click Get Started on Nurx
– Choose the “Let the doctor select a pill for me!” option…