Black Can Crack: 5 Ways We Prematurely Age Our Skin

… it is a fluid that plays a major role in our appearance. This makes sense considering that water is a major component in the skin’s makeup.

When skin is not properly hydrated is can become dry, cracked and tight. It can lose its vibrance and elasticity. As is the case with sleep, the cells need water to remain healthy. Therefore, make sure you drink plenty and avoid regular, heavy consumption of alcohol, a major dehydrator.

Not Sleeping Enough

How much a person sleeps also impacts the aging process. Rest is essential and irreplaceable. When people are busy and tired, they often come up with quick fixes for energy, such as power drinks or stimulants. But, it is important to remember that the body does the bulk of its repairing and regenerating when we rest. If denied that opportunity, the effects can become visible. Therefore, individuals should prioritize sleep and get 6 to 8 hours per day.

Another of the side effects of smoking (as if there aren’t enough) is that it can lead to premature aging. To begin with the chemicals in tobacco products adversely affect collagen and elastin, essential components of healthy skin. Aggravating matters further, nicotine constricts the blood vessels. When  blood does not effectively flow to the skin, the skin does not receive an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to feed the cells.

If you are at risk of premature aging due to smoking, it is obvious what needs to be done.

Misleading Results

Some people will indeed argue that they have and continue to do one or more of the things listed above but still they get regular compliments about their youthful appearance. You may even agree these people look good for their age. Do not be mislead.

Most of the causes of premature aging take a toll over the long term. One day at the beach or a night without sleep are not going to add ten years to your appearance. But, realize that premature aging is an effect that tends to be delayed. The result of one’s actions often aren’t apparent for years or even decades. Premature aging is a process that may start in one’s 20’s or 30’s but the signs may not appear until she’s 40 or 50.