Black Mental Wellness Influencers You Need To Follow

Thanks to socio-political unrest, high life expectations imposed on us by social media and countless other stressors, we’ve seen a shift within the Black community, where millennials are starting to put more focus on their well-being. Wellness influencers have an incredible impact on us by encouraging us to think twice more deeply about our daily choices through diet, exercise, environments and mental health.

Looking at the numbers, the industry’s meteoric rise over the last few years consists of beauty, fitness, mind, body, nutrition, tourism, alternative medicine and spas – and as an industry has grown 10.6% between 2013-2015, from a $3.36 trillion to $3.72 trillion markets.

For Millennials, there’s more to life than work. Our relationship with work is not purely about monetary advancement, stability or status. Instead, it’s about the impact and personal growth. We want to expand our minds, experience, grow and have a positive impact on the world.