#BlackGirlHealing: How The Gratitude Trek Changed My Life

My mom passed in 1998. She died at the age I am now, 53, and is why I started volunteering for GirlTrek. It was around the anniversary of her death that I happened to run across an article that said: “Aren’t you sick and tired of losing our mothers too soon.” We found out my mom had pancreatic cancer one day, and two weeks later, she was dead. I am so grateful and credit my mom’s guiding light for leading me to GirlTrek.

My beautiful sister-friend Ruby told her sister-friend Angela about GirlTrek.  Angela took the GirlTrek pledge to live her healthiest and most fulfilled life, and from that day on, she started walking, and walking and walking!  Angela walked every single day for 365 Days straight! Sickness, death, blizzards, heatwaves, or vacations didn’t stop her. I was so inspired.  We all were. Even the President of the Fortune 500 Company she worked for publicly acknowledged her.

Several more sisters were inspired and embarked on their 365 Journey. There was Andrea, Tonya, and then Jennifer and others across the nation. We were so inspired by them all and I wanted so badly to be part of this 365 Club, but each time I tried, life would happen.  I would let life’s moments — good and horrific — sideline my efforts.