Blast That Belly – Fast!

• A Muffin Top. Excess belly fat produces the not-so-attractive muffin top which is belly leakage over the rim of your jeans, and, of course, your swimsuit. As you dare to stare into the mirror and scrutinize your mid section, you may also see belly rolls – strange collections of fat that can collect under your breasts extending to your belly button (very common after the age of 40), as well as the usual love handles eyesores on your sides. Viewing all of this either can send you to the fridge in despair, or on a desperate search to find a suit that will hold it all in as you hit the pool and the beach this summer.

Okay, you now know what you’re up against, you need to understand something: while the newer spandex fabrics may promise hope, the bottom line is you’re better off just getting rid of enough belly fat to reduce the angst and have more summer fun.

Here are some tips and tools to help you achieve your belly-blasting goal: