BLK+GRN: High Quality, Ethically Sourced & Toxic-Free Products

Image: BLK+GRN

Close your eyes. Dream of a place dedicated to a black community of artisans who make natural home goods, hand-crafted jewelry, non-toxic makeup, purifying skin care, nourishing hair care, magical tonics, and holistic elixirs – all with people of color and their health in mind.

Now open your eyes and see BLK+GRN. A site made just for you and your well-being, inside and out. This gem of a platform promotes holistic living and self-love by carefully curating the best in all-natural products from home to hair – all crafted by black artisans.

Created by Dr. Kristian Henderson, a Public Health Professor, and Yoga Instructor, meet the girl boss behind the first black-owned and operated online shop for high quality, ethically sourced, toxic-free products: