BLK+GRN: High Quality, Ethically Sourced & Toxic-Free Products

brands neglecting black women, so I decided to create a platform that promotes and supports black women and their brands. I was tired of using toxic products that were negatively impacting my health, so I created a way to easily find better healthier options. I was tired of just talking about the economic problems impacting black people, so I decided to find a way to circulate our dollars within our own community. I created what I felt was missing and that is how BLK + GRN was born.

BDO: Nice! What prompted you personally to create such a place?

DKH: There are two key movements that are currently happening in the United States: the buy black movement and the green movement. The buy black movement is an acknowledgment of tremendous buying power of the African American community and the realization that we can literally vote with our dollars. The idea that we can build our communities by supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs.