Body Wash vs. Bar Soap: Which Is Better?

… oil and odor from the skin. Most bar soaps contain sodium lauryl sulfate, a harsher detergent that washes away dirt and oil. Many deodorant and antibacterial soaps contain triclosan or triclocarban, which kills bacteria on the skin. But if you have dry or sensitive skin, avoid these soaps because they can cause dryness, causing skin to be itchy and flaky

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There is also some debate about whether these ingredients kill enough bacteria to be beneficial and about possible side effects from their use. Soaps that contain synthetic detergents, or syndets, can clean the skin without causing excessive drying. These syndets are mild cleansing agents that are often found in beauty bars and hypoallergenic soaps — they’re created with less acid to decrease skin irritation. But even washing too long or too frequently with mild cleansers can cause irritation.