Luckie’s Quick Tips: Healthy Popcorn, Squats & Sleeping Better


Luckie’s Food of the Week: Popcorn


• Taste great
• High in fiber, which assists with satiety
• Great snack between meals
• Light bedtime snack

How to Prepare: Pour canola oil in 3-qtr. pot/sauce pan. Allow oil to heat at low/medium flame. Put a few whole grain kernels in pot. Once kernels pop, add more to pot and cover. Move pot back/forth across burner. Add sea salt. I’d recommend iodized sea salt, which promotes thyroid health.

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Luckie’s Exercise of the Week- Bodyweight Squats


  • Tones leg and glute muscles
  • Burns calories – Leg muscles are the largest of the body and muscle burns calories.


How to Do: Stand with feet at shoulder’s width with knees slightly bent. Place hands on side of head and contract abs. This is the starting position. squat A

Lower yourself until your knees are at/near a 90-degree angle. Return to the starting position. Keep abs contracted throughout the exercise. Squat B

Luckie’s Sleep Tip of the Week: Keep Your Bedroom Dark


• Assists in reducing disruption of melatonin, hormone that regulates sleep
• Can Improve the quality of sleep
• 7-8 hours of high quality sleep promotes production of growth hormone for calorie-burning muscle and may assist in controlling appetite

How To Do: Eliminate sources of light and/or electronic items that glow. This includes TVs, cellphones, analog clocks, etc. Draw shades/curtains closed to reduce inflow of light.

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Sloan Luckie, a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Public Accountant, is the author of the optimal health workbook, Body Under Construction. Body Under Construction shows how to use nutrition, exercise and sleep to attain and maintain optimal health. Sloan’s unique philosophy on building and maintaining optimal health has garnered significant media attention. He’s conducted wellness demonstrations nationally for women’s heart disease, men’s prostate and childhood obesity awareness seminars. Sloan Luckie is also the founder of Body Under Construction, LLC.