How To Break Your Coffee Addiction For Real This Time

man laptop coffee shopMany of us turn to a steaming hot cup of coffee when we need a little pick me up or a boost of energy in the morning or midday, but we often forget that caffeine is a natural stimulant, making it super easy for coffee lovers to become addicted. If your coffee habit has spiraled out of control and you seriously feel like you cannot function without it, then it might be time to lay off it for a while. Here are a few tips to help you gradually wean off the caffeine without any of the side effects.

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Keep drinking coffee.

Yes, I know this is going to sound strange, but if you’re trying to kick your coffee habit, the best thing you can do is continue your daily ritual, whatever it may be – one cup in the morning, another right before noon, another before you pick up the kids from school, one more before you hit the sack. But, here’s the catch: Start off by replacing one of those cups with warm lemon water or green tea for a couple days. Side note: Green tea is much lower in caffeine than coffee and warm lemon water is a natural energy booster.

Don’t quit cold turkey.

Doing so can lead to terrible withdrawal symptoms, including severe headaches, irritability, anxiety and difficultly concentrating. In addition to replacing one cup of coffee with warm lemon water or green tea, try diluting your coffee with water for a week or two.

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During this time, you might also want to consider exercising daily or every other day for at least 30 minutes, drinking plenty of water and eating lots of dark leafy greens throughout the day to flush out all the caffeine, as well as the toxins and waste products from your body.


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