Can Your Marital Status Affect Your Odds of Dying From Heart Failure?

According to a large British study, your gender and marital status could tell clues about your risk of dying of heart failure.

The study found that widowed and divorced men have significantly higher odds of death due to heart disease than women of the same marital status. But single men are more likely to survive heart failure than single women.

Compared to widows, men whose spouses die have an 11% higher risk of death after a heart attack. Widowers with heart failure are also 10% more likely to die; and widowers with atrial fibrillation or a-fib, an abnormal heart rhythm, are 13% more likely to die, the study found.

Similarly, divorced men with a-fib have a 14% higher risk of death than divorced women. Even among married people with a-fib, that risk was 6% higher for men.

But single men with heart failure actually had a