Cancer Clinical Trial Myths Debunked with Dr. Craig Cole!

The myths of clinical trials – So, one of the biggest myths of clinical trials is that people are guinea pigs. People are not guinea pigs in clinical trials. The chemical trials are safer now than ever and the drugs used in clinical trials are better understood than ever.

So, these aren’t chemotherapy clinical trials anymore. These are biologic agents that have gone through and been developed specifically for cancer. So, the risks and the ‘guinea-pigness’ of clinical trials really doesn’t exist anymore. So, people aren’t guinea pigs in clinical trials anymore.

One of the other myths is that people will receive a placebo or they won’t receive therapy at all. In cancer medicine, you can’t give a placebo for clinical trials and cancer. So, placebos don’t exist in clinical trials and cancer. It would be immoral to not give somebody treatment for cancer.