American Idol Candice Glover: Keeps The Weight Off & Becoming Her Own ‘Idol’

candice glover american idolCandice Glover may have won the 12th Season of American Idol, but she has also lost something, too…30 pounds and keeps it off!

How did she do it?

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“Over the course of the show, from January to May, I probably dropped 20 lbs. And I’ve lost about 10 more since the finale,” Candice, 23, explained. “It is always good to be healthy, so I am happy about it.”

But her weight loss hasn’t come from time in the gym. It’s a byproduct of her busy lifestyle – rehearsing for tour, appearances, shows and her next album.

“I’ve always – well maybe I haven’t always – been comfortable with who I am. This weight is just dropping off because of my crazy schedule,” the season 12 winner said. “I just walk a lot in the airports, and then we are rehearsing the choreography. I call [the rehearsal room] the gym, to be honest.”

The other amazing thing that helps her keep it off is to keep her weight loss method simple: Taylor lost the weight without a trainer and only a treadmill. 

“I look at old pictures of myself and try and stop myself from crying because it is just amazing,” Taylor says of his weight-loss transformation. “After the tour, I want to get a six-pack because I have wanted that since I was fat. I want that to be how I am for the rest of my life.”

Glover discussed her journey post ‘Idol,’ which she hopes to…