Cardi B On Her Illegal Butt Injections: “Painful, Leaked For Days”

… their story. “Medical grade silicone has been approved by the FDA and has a high molecular weight designed to be implanted into the body. The use of industrial grade silicone and the chronic, low-level inflammation that ensues can cause the skin to darken and get hard over time,” explains Dr. Careaga.

To make matters worse, silicone isn’t the only substance that’s misused. There have also been several very high profile cases which involved the use of concrete “fix-a-flat”. These substances do not merge with a patient’s skin tissue, causing them to migrate to other areas.

We are prayerful that Cardi doesn’t have any or little complications associated with her injections and thankful that she keeps it real enough to warn others who may be thinking of trying to go this route.