Celebrity Trainer @FitByJoc Talks Travel Tips For Fitness


We all know that maintaining a regular and consistent exercise routine can be difficult with everyday life, and the surprises that come with it, however, how can you “keep that same energy” while you travel on the road. Whether for work or vacation most of us always seem to be on the go to one place or from another and making time for physical activity can often get lost in the shuffle. Luckily BDO had the chance to sit down with celebrity personal trainer Emory “Joc” Bernard to get his insight on how he keeps his clients, as well as himself, in peak condition while on the road.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle begins with making the commitment to start, and having the dedication to continue even on the days you may not feel up to the task. Mind over matter is a focal point of Joc’s philosophy when it comes to working with his clients, in Atlanta or traveling across the globe. “Staying dedicated mentally” Joc relates, is the major hurdle that he witnesses individuals go encounter along their fitness journey. He continues on to state, “It takes 21 days to create a habit” so waiting until the last minute to get your summer or vacation body ready is not the way to go if you are looking for long-term results.

Once healthy exercise habits are established however they are easy to keep up on the road, “most hotels come with gyms. so there is usually never a lack of having something you can do, and wherever we travel we can always find a space for physical activity even if not a full gym or workout” says Joc. “Pushups, squats, lunges, and sit-ups are great exercises that engage multiple muscle groups that you can do virtually anywhere with no equipment at all” he adds.

Outside of the mental dedication to the process, and actually getting down to