Chaka Khan Reveals Makeup Secrets For Every Woman

(Photo credit: Chaka Khan Facebook)

Legendary songstress Chaka Khan may be known for going “Through The Fire” and the incomparable theme song for women everywhere, “I’m Every Woman”, but she’s also a beautiful woman–always have been a natural beauty. It doesn’t matter if the 64-year-old singer has on makeup or doesn’t, she still stands out in a crowd.

Recently, the hit singer shared her most personal beauty and make up tips with Vogue. In the short video below, you can tell that Chaka is so open and friendly, feeling like your favorite Auntie trying to show you a thing or two. She stands in the mirror and has powder and gets into details of highlighting and contour.

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“When the sun hits a woman or any face, it hits you, here, here, here, sometimes on the nose,” she says as she uses her makeup brush to evenly layer the makeup on her face.

Chaka shares not only the things that she loves when it comes it to makeup, she also is candid about what she doesn’t like.

“I absolutely despise false eyelashes.” She adds, “I can’t work with them, I sweat too much. Waterproof black pencil.” She then applies the liner to her lower lashes, helping her eyes to pop.

It’s hard to believe that this mother of two has been singing for over four decades. In 2012, Chaka revealed her newfound body after a nearly 70-pound weight loss. Her beautiful new look was one that took the internet by storm as she revealed her reason for getting healthy was her Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis.

She changed her diet, got on more exercise and the weight literally started falling off.

“Because I was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes and I also had high blood pressure,” Chaka shared with Huffington Post. “And I’ve been on medication for that…