6 Common Places You Forget To Apply Sunscreen

woman on beach with sunscreen

The warm months are here and if you love the beach and sun as much as I do, you will definitely be showing some skin. A lot of times we slap on some sunscreen because we know we need to, but we tend to focus on the most obvious areas and forget some still important parts of the body to protect. It’s important that we get all the right spots. Here are six places that are commonly forgotten, but just as important!

1. The scalp 

Though your hair does give your scalp some protection from the sun, it’s not 100% protected. Hats are great for the summer for this reason. Most people don’t realize this, but scalp cancer is more common than you would think. “Skin cancer is very common on the scalp in thinning individuals — males and females — since it usually stands out to get direct sun exposure,” says Dr. Paul McAndrews, clinical professor at the USC School of Medicine, in an LA Times article. If you are wearing twists or braids in the summer your scalp is definitely vulnerable as it is exposed in the parts. Try rubbing some sunscreen on the areas that will be showing.