Could Mushrooms Be the Secret Weight Loss Ingredient?

very low in sodium (15mg). Mushrooms are unique in that they are the only food in the produce aisle that contains vitamin D. Specifically, one serving of raw, white and crimini mushrooms exposed to sunlight contains 890 IU and 1086 IU of vitamin D, respectively.

The most popular mushroom variety grown in the U.S. is the white button, followed by crimini (brown or baby bellas), portabellas, enoki, oyster, maitake, and shiitake.

White buttons are a great low-calorie ingredient: Boasting just 18.5 calories per serving white button mushrooms contain the lowest calories of all mushroom varieties. Additionally, white buttons provide 15 percent of the daily recommended intake of the Vitamin B3, niacin, which may promote healthy skin and digestive health.

Shiitakes are good for your bones: One serving of shiitake mushrooms is an excellent source of copper, offering 40 percent of the recommended daily intake, which helps keep bones and nerves healthy.

Improve your immunity with cremini: One serving of cremini mushrooms is an excellent source of selenium, containing 31 percent of the recommended daily intake. Selenium may help the immune system function properly.

Make room for the mighty maitake: One serving of maitake mushrooms contains a whopping 236 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin D. Vitamin D may help build and maintain strong bones by helping the body absorb calcium. Additionally, it may support cell growth, neuromuscular and immune function, and help reduce inflammation.

Regular activity and a healthy balanced diet remain the best ways to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. A balanced diet involves eating a variety of foods, not relying on one single food item. However, making mushrooms part of your weight loss plan may just be that little extra ingredient you need to stay on track.

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Constance Brown-Riggs, is a registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, national speaker and author of the Diabetes Guide to Enjoying Foods of the World, a convenient guide to help people with diabetes enjoy all the flavors of the world while still following a healthy meal plan. Follow Constance on social media @eatingsoulfully