Crohn’s Disease: Could You Have It and Not Know?

Crohn’s disease or Crohn syndrome and regional enteritis. Signs and symptoms.

Have you ever felt that something was not quite right with your body, but everyone else said you’re fine or they try to tell you it’s not what you think it is?  Well, that happened to Melodie Narain Blackwell, a wife, mother and former working professional.

Melodie suffers with Crohn’s, an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and initially, before her official diagnosis, she felt pain in her joints.  She was told it was rheumatoid arthritis, but she felt it was something more than that.

“I had debilitating arthritis they kept writing it off as gout.  It got so bad that my joints were literally stuck, and I was crawling on the floor,” explains Melodie.  “I began doing my own research because I realized something else was going on with me.”