Deadly Silence: Methods To Prevent Suffering Alone

‘Tis the season to be jolly but not for everyone. Many find themselves suffering in silence and staying indoors alone. Every year, suicide increases in the winter and right around daylights saving time. Too often, those that are saddened or constantly think to try to deal with traumatic memories by rehearsing them over and over and over again in their mind. The danger of that becomes a safety hazard when someone either questions their existence, no longer have a desire to live and breathe, or worse.

Although there are articles on self-help, music therapy, and sickness prevention this read is a bit deeper. We have all heard the phrase, “silence is golden”, but silence can also become deadly. If a loved one has died, a breakup hurt beyond words or any other traumatic events took place for some the holidays will never be the same.

The positive side is every day, including the holiday season, is a great opportunity to start over and at least try. The creation of new methods to overcome sadness and old memories can be life changing for the better.

Let’s start here:

Sometimes when we lose a loved one, we feel like we need to be strong. The truth is even strong people need to grieve and process a loss. It is not the easiest thing in the world but it is definitely a step to healing and growth.

Get out of the house
One of the worst things someone can do is stay home alone feeling depressed and suicidal. Particularly during the holidays. Getting out of the house to take a walk, drive off some steam, go to