Diabetes Disaster Preparedness: Everything You Need To Know

medication and diabetes supplies. Go ahead and download the Patient Preparedness Plan now! You’ll find a checklist of critical supplies, valuable information, and guidelines on how to prepare for an emergency.

The following information can also be helpful before, during and after a disaster.

Emergency Supply Kit. Your emergency supply kit should have at least a weeks’ worth of diabetes supplies including oral medication, insulin, insulin delivery supplies, lancets, extra batteries for your meter and/or pump, and a quick-acting source of glucose such as glucose tablets, fruit juice or regular soda.

You may also want to have an extra glucagon emergency kit. All these items should be kept in a portable, insulated, waterproof container, and stored in a location that is easy to get to in an emergency.

Emergency Contacts and Medical Documents. Your emergency supply kit should also contain contact information for your health care provider, pharmacy and at least two emergency contacts. Also, a letter from your diabetes healthcare provider with your most recent medication regimen, your health insurance card, living will, and health care power of attorney.

If you are a parent of a child in school or daycare, physician’s orders that may be on file with your child’s school or daycare provider should also be included.

General Support: During a disaster The American Diabetes Association Center for