The Treatable Link Between Diabetes & ED

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that isn’t spoken about enough, and many men dealing with ED often contribute it to an issue within the bedroom or a lack of attraction. ED is a sexual dysfunction but it is moreso linked to an underlying health problem within the body. This makes ED a symptom and not actually a condition within itself. Men who suffer from ED regularly should schedule an appointment with their urologist to make sure their sexual equipment is working properly, but there are other conditions that can lead to inadequate blood flow to the penis.

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One of the most common conditions suffered in the African American community is diabetes, and when blood sugar isn’t properly managed over an extended period of time, erectile dysfunction can result because of the neglect.  Mismanagement of blood sugar can lead to nerve and blood vessel damage making it difficult for blood to flow to the penis properly.

Black men living with diabetes may also be dealing with other common conditions that come along with the disease such as high blood pressure and coronary artery disease, two conditions that further restrict proper blood flow.

What You Can Do

Speaking to a health care professional about how to manage diabetes and other diseases that may be affecting the ability to become erect during sexual activity is the best way for a man to become aware and in control of ED.

Checking on medications that are being taken to treat these conditions is also a great idea because they may also have an effect on blood flow to the penis.

Reducing alcohol intake, reducing or stopping smoking habits, eating a properly balanced diet and incorporating regular diet and exercise can also help improve blood flow.

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If ED has taken a negative toll on self-esteem or sexual confidence seeking the help of a counselor may also be beneficial.

Again, erectile dysfunction is a symptom and can be treated by treating the medical conditions associated with blood flow.


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