Dip Your Way To Sexy Arms (VIDEO)

Dips are great exercises for your arms and chest that you can do anywhere. You can do them at a gym, but you can also do them at the park, at home…literally everywhere!

Today, we’re focusing on arms and specifically flabby arms that tend to follow us everywhere. Here’s how to tighten that area up and tone your entire arm.

Here’s a couple tips before we get started:
I. Do not dip past 90-degrees. It’s important when doing dips to not dip past the point where your upper arm becomes parallel with the floor or don’t dip so low that your shoulders go below your elbow joint.
II. Don’t shrug your shoulders up during dips. Keep your shoulders down while squeezing the muscles between your shoulder blades to maintain this safer position.

Do your dips at a 45-degree angle while flexing your ankles or pointing your toes upward (watch video at the top of this page).

Do not change your body position in an unsafe attempt to target your chest or arms/triceps more.

1. Basic Chair Dips

Place your hands on the edge of a chair while facing away
Hands shoulder width apart and fingers grips on the edge of the char such that your armpits are not open to breath.
Bend your knees at roughly a 90 degree angle.
Check your balance adjusting your weight throughout your arms and legs. When the weight of your body feels heavy on your arms bring your legs in slightly towards the legs of the chair.

While inhaling bend your elbows bringing your butt towards the floor. Make sure your back is straight and face forward as you lower your body. Then while exhaling slowly, push up to extend your elbows until your arms are straight. That’s one rep. Repeat 10 reps three times daily.

2.Floor Bicep dips

Sit on the floor with your knees bent, feet on the floor, hands on the floor behind you with fingers pointing toward body. To begin, lift hips off floor.

Slowly and gently bend your elbows and lower your body close to the floor. Keep abdominal muscles tight. Extend arms through the elbows and repeat for 8 times. Progress to 3 sets of 8 times.